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Guestlair by your side with professionalism


We take care of starting all the paperwork necessary to make your property available for short-term rentals. 



We advise you on what purchases to make, helping you to optimize and make the most of the rooms, making everything unique and comfortable.

Property preparation e

Home Staging

We create a professional photo shoot.

Professional photoshoot

We create advertisements on the various booking OTAs, all in a multilingual version.

Creation of advertisements on online platforms

We optimize the rates daily.


of the tariffs

We manage bookings on a daily basis, providing owners with dedicated access to monitor the occupancy trends.

Bookings management

We communicate with the guests for any request and clarification during the booking phase and during the stay.


with the guests

We carry out check-in and check-out in presence and automated with end-of-stay checks. We provide guests with all the necessary information about the property and its location, with guides and advice to better enjoy their stay.

Check-in and


We assist the guests during their stay 24 hours a day and we also provide a telephone number to contact us in case of need.

24h assistance

to the guests

We entrust cleaning and laundry services to professionals in the sector in order to always have the best quality. “We are convinced that this is one of the most important and delicate services in the management of a property”.


of housekeeping

We provide guests with welcome kits in order to help them find the essentials they need at the beginning of their stay.

Welcome kit


We inform you about ordinary maintenance and intervene in case of unforeseen events, we collaborate with a network of professionals who guarantee the resolution of the problem in the shortest period of time.

Organization of maintenance

We provide the owner a portal from which he can view his property. Revenue, expenses, earnings and occupancy rate will all be easily viewable, so he can see the performance of his property at any time.

Owner's Portal

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A plan for every need

  • Bureaucratic fulfilments

  • Property preparation and Home Staging

  • Professional photo shoot

  • Creation of advertisements on online platforms

  • Optimization of the tariffs 

  • Bookings management

  • Communications with the guests

  • Check-in and check-out

  • 24h assistance to guests

  • Planning of housekeeping

  • Welcome kit supply

  • Organization of maintenance

  • Owner portal

Find out how much you can earn with the complete management of Guestlair

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