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Get the most out of your property with Airbnb

Do you know what the biggest secret of short rental management companies on Airbnb is? The bigger the company, the poorer the services, this is especially evident in the quality of management and customer service related to both the owner and guests.

With us, you will always have a point of reference to know how things are going.
We create each listing from start to finish by carefully studying the strengths
of your property to make the most of it.
This means that every listing is incredibly important to us!
We are extremely selective about the properties we manage, we do this to offer a premium service to both the owner and the guest, we are specialized on Airbnb, this allows us to fully know the strengths of the platform and use them to our advantage, ensuring high problem resolution and long-term goals for the owner.

Do you have an apartment to rent?
Guestlair is here for you

We take care of the management of short-term rentals from A to Z:

from paperwork management to promotion, from welcoming to assistance, from cleaning to maintenance.

Your serenity comes first.


We analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your property by estimating the possible income.


of revenue

We take care of the promotion by increasing visibility in the various online channels, increasing profit margins, updating the rates daily based on specific market research, eliminating the risk of arrears.


We carry out physical and automated check-ins, using the best systems on the market. We are available to guests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to better manage their needs during their stay.


We check the condition of the property at each check-out. We organize maintenance interventions in advance. Zero risk of arrears. Property always in excellent condition.

Enjoy the best from renting,
we take care of the tenants and the rest.

Discover the advantages of short-term rentals

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Greater Revenue

An income up to 90% more than a long-term rental, depending on the season, location and size.

Guaranteed Income

The risk of arrears is non-existent as the guest will pay the entire stay in advance.



During the assignment phase, a time is agreed within which the owner can cancel the management of the property.

At Guestlair I found professionalism and seriousness, they followed me right away to enhance my apartment, today I have tripled the income I received in the past with a long-term rental. Excellent service!!!
Alessia D.
I have been relying on Guestlair for a few months now because I didn't have time to manage the guests, today I have much more free time and the opportunity to dedicate my self to my passions.
Alain F.
I have been a Host for 4 years but I could not get incomes that fully satisfied me. I handed the management over to Guestlair and my income increased dramatically with the addition of having all my free time to spend with my family. Great ★★★★★
Francis R.
I had an apartment for sale, following a consultation with them I decided to use my apartment for short term rentals. For the happiness of my family, I no longer sold it and we discovered a way to enhance our property by receiving a high monthly income. Highly recommended!
David P.
It was a pleasure to work with Guestlair. They have helped me put an apartment that has been vacant for sometime to generate income.
I absolutely recommend it!!!
Claudia G.

Find out how much you can earn with the complete management of Guestlair

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